Skid Steer Solid Cushion Tires

McLaren Industries is the #1 manufacturer and supplier of solid skid steer tires.  We offer the most complete range of flat proof skid steer tires on the market.  For over 20 years, McLaren has been the leading innovator in the construction machinery solid tire industry.  McLaren also offers the most comprehensive range of skid steer solid tires.

If your work takes you into rough terrain, you know how important it is to find the right solid skid steer tires for your machinery. Often, a set of pneumatic tires won’t offer the performance you require and can put you at risk of punctures, unanticipated downtime and lost productivity.

Zero Flats. Zero Down Time. Nu-Air® solid skid steer tires integrate the strength and stability of a solid tire with the smooth, cushioned ride of a pneumatic tire.

How to Find the Right Skid Steer Tires for Your Needs

We can absolutely provide you with the right quality solid skid steer tire to suit your needs, but how do you know exactly what those needs are?

If you’re working in a variety of terrains for your applications, our Dirt Terrain (DT) solid skid steer tires are usually the optimal choice. They provide a smooth ride over flat surfaces but can still take on soft ground and debris. If you expect to be working on harder surfaces like concrete and carrying heavier loads like scrap metal, the All-Terrain (AT) tire is usually a better option. For mining, heavy construction or other environments that are incredibly tough on tires, try our extreme-duty XDT tires. We even carry skid loader tires for smaller machines with our mini skid steer tires.

If you’re still not sure quite which of these are the best option or you think you may be better suited to the AirMonster or Maximizer tires, don’t worry. We’ll help you figure it all out. Contact us to speak to one of our experts, and we’ll identify the right skid steer tire based on your needs.


Nu-Air® Dirt Terrain (DT) Tire

This is our most versatile and best-selling McLaren tire.  The deep tread design will give you superior traction on the vast majority of off-road conditions and terrains. Our exclusive aperture design gives you a cushioned ride without the bounce. Most of all, you can do the work without being concerned with flats or extensive tire damage. This tire is by far the best bang for your buck!

  • Sizes: 8.5×12 (23×8.5-12), 8.5×15 (27X8.5-15); 10×16.5 (30×10-16); 12×16.5 (33×12-16); 14×17.5 (36.5X14-20)
  • Application: Off-road  tread pattern suitable for dirt, sand, mud, snow or quarries & mines

Nu-Air® All Terrain (AT) Tire

The Nu-Air All Terrain (AT) tires are a “beefed up” version of our DT tires. They are designed to perform better and wear slower when used on hard surfaces such as asphalt, pavement and concrete. Compared to our Dirt Terrain (DT) tires, the Nu-Air AT tires have about 10% more rubber and 10% deeper tread. These features give a smoother ride on hard surfaces while still providing great traction while working off-road. The additional weight allows you to lift and move heavier loads easily. If you are working 75% of the time or more on hard surfaces or are doing demolition or scrap yard work, these are the flat proof tires for you!.

  • Sizes: 10×16.5 (30×10-16), 12×16.5 (33×12-16)
  • Application: The Nu-Air AT pattern performs best on-road on abrasive surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and cement but is suitable for all terrains

Maximizer Tires

Maximizer Tires: The solution for the budget conscious equipment user.

The Maximizer tires are the economy version of our DT tires. With the same tread design, the Maximizer tires will perform as well as the DT tires when it comes to traction and of course, no flats. They are made for those who are using their machines part time or only need flat proof tires occasionally. Having a larger rim, they still maintain a cushioned ride. They will not last as long as the DT tires but will still last two to three times longer than pneumatic tires.

  • Sizes:
    Maximizer: 10×16.5 (31×10.5-20); 12×16.5 (33×12-20)
    Maximizer Lite: 10×16.5 (30×8.5-16); 12×16.5 (32×10-20)
  • Application: Off-road pattern suitable for dirt, ground, sand, mud, snow or quarry & mining fields

Nu-Air XDT Tires

The XDT Series tires are our extreme duty tires. With the same tread pattern as the DT tires, the XDT tires offer excellent traction with a cushioned, flat proof ride. If you face work conditions that require extra pushing and pulling power, these are the tires for you. When there is extreme torque put on the tires, there is a possibility of the rim spinning inside the tire. These tires are bonded to the rim, eliminating the possibility of tire and rim separation and allowing you to work your hardest with ease.

  • Sizes: 33×12-22
  • Application: Off-road pattern suitable for dirt, ground, sand, mud, snow or quarry & mining fields. Best for extreme pushing and pulling power
  • Non-Marking Option: orange non-marking option available

Air Monster Tires

The AirMonster™ tires are the wider version of our Nu-Air DT tires. This wider design reduces ground pressure and increases floatation. With the same tread pattern and design as the DT tires, you will get the same cushioned flat proof ride that will wear even slower than our other long-lasting tires.

  • Sizes: 32.5×15-16
  • Application: Off- road pattern suitable for dirt, ground, sand, mud, snow or quarry & mining fields

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