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Excavator Bucket Pin Size Chart

excavator mounting bracket dimensions

Excavator Bucket Pin Size Chart All Makes & Models

Excavator bucket pin dimensions vary between excavator make and models. This makes it complex to build or fix a mount for an excavator.

Most excavators have a double pin configuration with two round pins. The measurements that are needed (shows below) to build a mounting bracket is the pin diameters (C & D), dipper/stick width (A & B) and center to center (E).

excavator mounting bracket dimensions

2 thoughts on “Excavator Bucket Pin Size Chart

  1. Can you tell me iof a bucket from a Cat 301 will fit a Komatsu PC15MR x1 ? Thank you

    1. Hi Joe, it looks like the CAT 301 is going to have a narrower stick than the PC15 so I don’t think that the PC15 will fit in between the bosses on a bucket built for a CAT 301.
      Hope this helps!
      The Attachment Co

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