Mini Excavator Auger Package Deal – Excavators up to 6 tons (12,000lbs)


For Excavators from 1.5 – 6 tons (12,000lbs)

Choice of the following drive unit models:

X1100-13 (Machines up to 2.5t/13GPM), X2100-17 (Machines up to 3.5t/17GPM) & 3300-30 (Machines up to 6t/30GPM)

Single Pin Mounts (In stock) & Double Pin Cradles (built to order – 2 weeks)

2″ Hex Auger Bit up to 36″ diameter (comes as standard with tungsten carbide teeth and pilot as pictured) 

Each drives comes with 1/2″ hoses and 1/2″ flat face hydraulic couplers.

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Mini Excavator Auger Package Deal for Machines up to 6 tons!

This mini excavator auger package deal comes with your choice of hydraulic drive, single pin or double pin cradle mount, hoses & couplers and your choice of tungsten carbide auger up to 36″ diameter!

Our Mini Excavator Auger Package gives you the best deal on the market for an auger attachment. If you have a special attachment inquiry or are unsure of your  machine’s compatibility with a particular attachment, please do not hesitate to contact us on (941) 212-0037.

Other attachments are also available to work with this auger setup like stump planers & log splitters

Auger Specifications

Model X1100-13 (Machines up to 2.5 tons)

Mini Excavators up to 5,000lbs (2.5 Ton)
Suits 2″ Hex Augers – 4 in. – 18 in. Diameter

Torque Range: 337 – 1,103 ft-lb
Oil Pressure Range: 1,015 – 2,973 psi
Output Shaft: 2″ Hex (US Standard)
Oil Flow Range: 5 – 15 GPM
Speed Range: 41 – 107 RPM
Unit Height: 23 in.
Unit Diameter: 8 in.
Unit Weight: 100lbs

Suitable Excavators for this X1100-13 package (as a guideline):

Bobcat E10, E16
CAT 300.9, 301.5, 301.7CR
JCB 8008, 8015, 8018
John Deere 17G
Komatsu PC09-1, PC16R-3
Kubota KX014, KX016
Takeuchi TB016, TB216
Yanmar ViO17

x1100-13 auger drive

Model X2100-17 (Machines up to 3.5 tons)

Mini Excavators up to 7,000lbs (3.5 Ton)
Suits 2″ Hex Augers – 4 in. – 24 in. Diameter

Torque Range: 612 – 2,100 ft-lb
Oil Pressure Range: 1,015 – 3,481 psi
Output Shaft: 2″ Hex (US Standard)

Oil Flow Range: 7 – 17 GPM
Speed Range: 36 – 100 RPM

Unit Height: 26 in.
Unit Diameter: 10 in.
Unit Weight: 157 lbs

Suitable Excavators for this X2100-17 package (as a guideline):

Bobcat E20
CAT 302, 302.7, 303
JCB 8025, 8035
John Deere 27G, 35G
Komatsu PC24, PC35
Kubota KX121, U35
Takeuchi TB225, TB230
Volvo ECR35
Yanmar ViO25, ViO30

x2100-17 auger drive

Model 3300-30

Mini Excavators up to 12,000lbs (6 Ton)

S4 AUGERS (2″ Hex) 4 in. – 36 in. Diameter

Torque Range: 1,106 – 3,318ft-lb
Oil Pressure Range: 1,160 – 3,481 psi

Output Shaft: 2″ Hex (US Standard)

Oil Flow Range: 13 – 30GPM
Speed Range: 42 – 97 RPM

Unit Height: 26 in.
Unit Diameter: 10 in.
Unit Weight: 166lbs – 277lbs w/ excavator mount

Suitable Excavators for this 3300-30 package (as a guideline):

Bobcat E35, E42
CASE CX30, 37
CAT 303, 304, 305
JCB 8035
JCB 45Z, 48Z
John Deere 35G, 50G
Komatsu PC35, 55
Kubota KX037, KX042
Kubota U35, U50
Sany SY35, 50
Takeuchi TB240, 250
Volvo ECR40, 50, 55
Yanmar ViO35, 55

3300-30 with 2" hex shaft

Mounting Options

Single Pin (cheapest)

Double Pin Cradle (recommended)

Double Pin Hitches are built to suit the machine’s pin dimensions. These can be manually pinned to the machine or picked up by a coupler.

We also can build machine specific “quick connect” mounts for Kubota, John Deere, Bobcat etc. These are to suit the  specific machine make & model.

excavator single pin auger drive mount

Single Pin Mount

Single pin mounts are the cheapest and fastest option for mounting this 3300-30 auger drive to your machine. One single pin through the stick of the machine.

Measurements Needed: Pin Diameter – 25mm to 45mm

Double Pin Cradle Mount

Double Pin Cradle Mounts are built to the pin dimensions of your machine. The cradle allows you to tuck the drive in and prevent swinging when moving the machine around the job site.

Measurements Needed:
Pin Diameter
Dipper/Stick Width
Pin Center to Center

auger drive excavator double pin cradle mount

Auger Bit Specifications

Tungsten Carbide Teeth & Pilots

As standard we now offer our auger bits with tungsten carbide teeth and pilot tips instead of regular steel. This suits soft soils as well as harder ground and will last more than 3 times as long as regular dirt teeth.

Shallow Pitch Flights

We developed the perfect pitch for our flights by listening to operators feedback . All augers use single, shallow pitch flights to hold more dirt on the auger when removing from the hole.

Constant Spiral Cut

Our boring heads are designed with a Constant Spiral Cut. Teeth are located so that each tooth makes its own fresh cut on every revolution. They are also angled to direct spoil towards the center of the auger. The tooth cutting angle ensures spoil is broken up thoroughly to avoid any clogging.

2" hex tungsten auger bit

Auger Drive Features

Forged Hood Ears

Auger drives take up a lot of stress in certain areas, especially the hood and ears on top of the unit. These are forged pieces to endure the strain of drilling. Hood pins are also locked into place to ensure they never detach from the auger drive. 

Hose & Coupler Options

All of our 2” hex come with high quality 1/2″ hoses and couplers included. 
Larger auger drive units come with hoses to match the motor size of the unit. 
6000-40 (2.5” hex) drive come with ¾” hoses
11000-45 to 18500-45 (3” square) drives come with 1” hoses. 

Non Dislodgement Shaft

One unique feature of the auger torque range is the non-dislodgement shaft. The gearbox design of each Auger Torque drive ensures that the output shaft is locked in place and will NEVER fall out of the gearbox housing.

We offer a lifetime guarantee against the shaft falling
out of your auger drive.

Gearbox Design

Auger Torque manufactures their own planetary gearbox. The unique design features the non-dislodgement shaft design, and maximizes the final output torque of the unit at the operating hydraulic pressure. Manufacturing their own gearbox allows Auger Torque to maintain high quality and reliability that you depend on for your attachments.

Warranty Information

We provide replacement warranty units for the coverage listed below. 

All Auger Torque products are warranted for the periods below:

  • Planetary Gearbox Components – 72 Months
  • Hydraulic Motors – 36 Months
  • All Other Parts / Products – 24 Months

For any additional information on the Auger Torque range, you can visit their website here!

Frequently Asked Question's

What size of output shaft is on this 3300-30 drive? 

This drive comes with a 2″ hex output shaft that suits all 2″ hex augers on the market in the US.

Will this auger drive fit my mini excavator? 

This auger drive will suit any mini excavator in the 3 to 6 ton range.

How does this auger drive mount to my machine? 

We will build a mount to suit your machine – either a single pin or double pin cradle mount. Single pin will mount through the main pin of the machine. A double pin cradle will be built to your machine’s pin diameter, stick width and pin centers. If your machine has a Kubota style quick coupler or another dedicated coupler system we will build your mount to suit.

What are the flow rates and oil pressure ranges for this drive? 

Torque Range: 1,106 – 3,318ft-lb
Oil Pressure Range: 1,160 – 3,481 psi

What is the maximum auger diameter that this drive can turn? 

The maximum diameter of auger that we recommend on this drive is 36″.

Tools that also suit these auger drives:

Stump Planers

stump planer auger bit

Log Splitter Cones

auger log splitter cone

If you can’t find the answer to your question, contact us below!

    Additional information

    Drive Model

    X1100-13 (up to 2.5 tons/13GPM), X2100-17 (up to 3.5 tons/17GPM), 3300-30 (up to 6 tons/30GPM)

    Mounting Options

    Drive & Single Pin Hitch (up to 45mm), Drive & Double Pin Cradle (up to 45mm)

    Auger Option 1

    No Auger, 6" Auger, 9" Auger, 12" Auger, 18" Auger, 24" Auger, 36" Auger


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    Q & A

    Is there an auger system that is compatible with the Bobcat 418 model? Or presumably the E10 (which specs identically to the 418)? Paul asked on May 15, 2023

    Hi Paul, yes the X1100-13 is the drive that you would want for your machine. If your machine has the Bobcat Xchange coupler, then you can select the the double pin cradle hitch option and we will use the Bobcat mounting plate for the Xchange. If not, you could use a single pin mount, or we can build a double pin cradle.
    Let me know if you have any further questions that I can help you with.
    The Attachment Company
    (941) 212 0037

    Andrew Forrest answered on May 16, 2023 store manager
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