We are happy to add to our range of skid steer attachments with the heavy duty tree shear from Sidney Attachments. Designed and manufactured in the US to the highest standards, the Sidney Tree Shear is one of the best on the market today. 

The addition of the tree shear range from Sidney Attachments adds to our range of forestry & landscaping products with the likes of the Auger Torque Hedge Trimmer, Stump Planer & Stump Puller attachments.

The range of shears help fill a gap in our range that we have had with the ability to cut trees up to 16” in diameter. 

skid steer tree shear htc

Current Forestry Range from The Attachment Company: 

Auger Torque Hedge TrimmerSkid Steers & Excavators – Trims branches up to 1.5” 

Sidney Attachments TBL1000 Tree Shear Skid Steers & Excavators – Cuts trees up to 10” diameter

Sidney Attachments HTC & HTC PlusSkid Steers & Excavators – Cuts Trees up to 16” diameter

Auger Torque Stump Planer Skid Steers & Excavators – Small to Medium Size Stump Removal

Solesbee’s Stump PullerLarge Excavators – Large Scale Stump Removal

Tree Shear Overview

Are you tired of using outdated and inefficient methods for tree-cutting tasks? Look no further than a tree shear attachment for your skid steer. These attachments offer increased efficiency and versatility, allowing you to tackle any tree-cutting job with ease.

Tree shears use a large heavy duty hydraulic cylinder and sharp cutting edge to shear through trees. This allows for cutting flush with the ground and fast, efficient tree removal. The Sidney design moves the cutting edge of the shear to push the tree into the fixed arm of the shear. 

There are two main types of tree shear attachments available – standard and rotary. The standard option is perfect for straightforward cutting tasks, while the rotation feature offers a 110-degree cutting range, making it ideal for more complex jobs. 

Sidney Attachments manufacturer 3 types of tree shear attachments that are available to suit both excavators and skid steers. 

TBL1000 – 10” Cutting Diameter

HTC – 14” Cutting Diameter

HTC Plus – 16” Cutting Diameter


Model: TBL1000

Rated Capacity: 10″ diameter

Weight: 655lbs

Blade Cylinder Size: 4″ x 18″

Tilt Cylinder: 3″ x 8″

Solenoid: 12v

Blade Material: “T1” Steel

Model: HTC14

Rated Capacity: 14″ diameter

Weight: 1,280lbs

Blade Cylinder Size: 5.5″ x 18″

Tilt Cylinder: 3″ x 8″

Solenoid: 12v

Blade Material: “T1” Steel

Model: HTC16

Rated Capacity: 16″ diameter

Weight: 1,300lbs

Blade Cylinder Size: 6″ x 18″

Tilt Cylinder: 3″ x 8″

Solenoid: 12v

Blade Material: “T1” Steel


  • Cut trunks in a single pass, flush with the ground
  • Hydraulic tilt cylinder rotates up to 110 degrees to move cut trees
  • Major pivot points are machined and greasable for long lasting life
  • Shear is made from 1″ high tensile steel plate
  • The single blade design encourages trees to fall the direction of the blade’s travel
  • Serrated jaw grips tree to allow all power to be applied to the blade
  • Blade Cylinder is rated for 3,000psi operating pressure
  • Single 1-1/4″ blade
  • Comes standard with Universal Skid Steer Attach
skid steer tree shear tbl1000

An extremely simple attachment however the output of a Sidney Tree Shear is unmatched. An optimal design with US build quality, the Sidney range of tree shears are able to tackle most jobs with great efficiency and safety. 

Another great aspect of tree shear attachments is their compatibility with various skid steer models. This means that no matter what type of skid steer you own, you can easily add a tree shear attachment to increase its functionality. 

Shears have a relatively low hydraulic flow requirement, meaning they can be fitted to most skid steers without any modification. An operating pressure of 3,000psi is easily obtainable for most machines, too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard and rotary options are available as well as models with a grapple and saw feature. 

Most tree shear attachments are designed to be compatible with various skid steer models. Using the universal hook up and usually a wide operating range of hydraulic oil and pressure, means that they can be suited to most skid steers. 

The installation process will vary depending on the specific attachment and skid steer model. But it typically involves connecting the attachment to the skid steer’s hydraulic system. For a rotating shear – a control kit will be included that will be fitted into the cab to allow the operator to switch between the cutting function and the rotating function. Meaning that you only need one hydraulic circuit to work the shear fully. 

Regular maintenance, such as lubricating moving parts and tightening bolts, will help extend the lifespan of the attachment.

Always wear protective equipment, such as safety glasses and hard hats, and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and safety procedures.

Testing out the shear on smaller trees to get comfortable with how the tree will fall and directing the fall away from the machine, is also important. 

Pricing will vary depending on the type and brand of the attachment, but it is generally comparable to other skid steer attachments. Heavy duty models, built in the US, will tend to cost a little more than some skid steer attachments, but the quality and support is unmatched compared to cheaper, simpler models. 

Now available from The Attachment Company through our website here!

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through call or text (941) 212 0037 or through the website. 

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